Maritime Agency Services

Thang Long Martime is one of the pioneer companies providing maritime agency services in Vietnam with a nationwide branch network. We are always ready to provide maritime agency services with optimal value and efficiency to customers at all Vietnamese ports.

With extensive experience providing agency services for crude oil ships, product oil ships, chemical ships, bulk carriers, LPG ships…, along with understanding and good relationships with port authorities and units. relevant agencies in the region have helped Thang Long Maritime perform well the agency work for the fleet of PVTrans Corporation/its member units as well as domestic and foreign customers.
In addition, Thang Long Maritime maintains and promotes good relationships with port operators and offshore drilling rigs in Vietnam and has safely carried out thousands of ships entering and receiving crude oil at these fields.

With a team of professionally trained and experienced agents in the field of maritime agents, Thang Long Maritime is committed to bringing customers satisfaction with the most optimal service.

As a reliable transportation services provider, Thang Long Maritime safely transports all shipments to all parts of the world.
As one of the core and traditional business activities, Thang Long Maritime’s Maritime Agency service has been safely deployed to many customers inside and outside the Oil and Gas industry.

As a member unit of PVTrans, part of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group system, Thang Long Maritime has synchronous support and coordination from units in the Oil and Gas industry. Determined to survive and develop in today’s highly competitive environment, Thang Long Maritime always promotes a dynamic and creative spirit in the business. We create and maintain a professional and dynamic working environment so that all individuals can maximize their abilities. In addition, policies are also deployed and applied flexibly to maximally meet customer requirements as well as market fluctuations.

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