According to the announcement of the loading schedule of crude oil lots for Binh Son Refinery and Petrochemical Plant (BSR), the PVT Hera ship, with a total tonnage of 102,000 tons, length of 245 meters, width of 43 meters, is operated by the ship owner PVTrans – the transport unit. Transfer crude oil to BSR assigned to Rang Dong field, in the Vung Tau Offshore Oil Port area to receive goods. Based on the calculation of the estimated time on arrival at the Mine – ETA (estimated time on arrival) of the PVT Hera vessel, Thang Long Maritime has informed PVOil/Rang Dong Mine Operator and relevant parties about the cargo receiving plan. Based on ETA and current weather in the Mine area, waves are 3.2 meters high; wind speed of 20 to 31 knots, the operator of Rang Dong mine due to bad weather requested the PVT Hera ship to divert to the Cape Vung Tau area with coordinates Lat: 10deg15.5min N, Long: 107deg05min E to pick up Lifting team. After picking up the Lifting team, the PVT Hera ship returned to Rang Dong Mine to dock at the FSO MV 17 warehouse to receive crude oil. Every year, this time is considered the rough sea season, starting from September of the previous lunar year to almost the end of March of the following year, at sea there are often big waves, strong winds, and unfavorable weather. for crude oil delivery activities outside the field.
PVT Hera ship arrives at FSO MV 17 warehouse at Rang Dong mine.
The agent moved to the PVT Hera ship by canoe at Vung Tau anchorage
Thang Long Maritime – is the focal point for coordination between Ships/Shipowners/Shipping Units with PVOil/Mine Operator, who represents Ships/Shipowners to report to port authorities to allow ships. Crude oil operates in offshore oil and gas field areas of Vung Tau port, Binh Thuan. In addition, Thang Long Maritime sends Boarding agents to join the Lifting team, working at sea during the delivery and receipt of goods at the Mine. In 2023, Thang Long Maritime continues to affirm the stability of quality and ensure safety for hundreds of offtake trips on PVTrans’ crude oil vessels.

        Ho Trong Hai

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