Today, the maritime industry is increasingly focused on modernization and process optimization to meet increasingly complex challenges. In this context, DBN Marine Service and ABSWavesight visited TLM to share and introduce My Digital Fleet – a multi-tasking fleet management software, promising to bring ease and efficiency in cargo management. a variety of important aspects of maritime operations.
Modernizing Fleet Management My Digital Fleet fleet management software is an important step forward in modernizing fleet management with good multitasking features. This technology not only helps simplify the crew personnel management process but also focuses on HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality), material technical management, and equipment maintenance status. equipment on board and issues related to ship operation business. Smart Crew Personnel Management My Digital Fleet promises to contribute greatly to smarter crew personnel management. This includes tracking personal information, managing certifications and skills, and automatic updates on regulations and industry standards. Focus on HSEQ and Effective Materials Management My Digital Fleet’s HSEQ system helps monitor and evaluate every aspect of safety, health, environment and quality in maritime operations. At the same time, materials management becomes more efficient with the ability to automatically track inventory, place orders and control costs. Supporting the Ship Exploitation Business Process My Digital Fleet not only helps with internal management but also supports international trade. The system provides continuous information and indicators on factors related to ship operation in the most effective way, helping to decide on business and transaction strategies intelligently. An Innovative Future for the Maritime Industry My Digital Fleet marks an important step in the innovative evolution of the maritime industry. Maritime businesses can look forward to a future where fleet management is more flexible, intelligent and efficient thanks to leading technology solutions like My Digital Fleet. The effective combination between DBN Marine Service and ABSWavesight, through the introduction of My Digital Fleet fleet management software at TLM, promises to bring ease and efficiency in managing a variety of important aspects. of the Company’s maritime activities.  

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